Visa Process for Persons attending UN Symposium

Please be advised that the visa process for persons attending the UN SIDS Symposium is as follows:

a) Holders of Diplomatic and Official passports
No Visa is required for holders of Diplomatic Passports. On an exceptional basis, visas will not be required for persons with Official passports; however, Official Passport holders should have an invitation letter.

b) All Others requiring a visa*

  1. Persons attending the 2017 UN SIDS Symposium should apply for visas at The Bahamas consular offices - or the nearest British High Commission/Embassy

  2. Persons, who are unable to apply at one of the above offices, will receive an entry Visa upon their arrival in Nassau. THIS IS A SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE SYMPOSIUM.

  • Persons must present a valid passport, and the letter of invitation. Persons without a letter of invitation should contact the Conference Secretariat immediately so that they may be provided with one.

  • Participants are responsible for obtaining on their own, any transit visas necessary

* A list of the Visa Requirements for foreign visitors to The Bahamas may be found at